Multilayer composition from antireflection protective sol-gel films for solar cells and IR-devices

Technology description

  • Preparation of germanium sols by hydrolysis of (TEOG) in water-ethanol solution
  • Obtained films by spin- or dip- coating germanium sols on substrate and heat treatment on air at T = 500°C
  • Obtained second layer by spin- or dip- coating silica sols on film and heat treatment on air at T = 500°C

Зависимость снимаемого с  с солнечных батарей напряжения от длины волны падающего света The characteristics of the films:Спектр поглощения  Ge-окон c  GeO2 и GeO2-SiO2 покрытиями

  • refractive indices of films can be regulate from n = 1.3 up to 1.6 at thickness up to d = 530.5 nm;
  • refractive indices of films can be regulate from n = 1.4 up to 1.5 at thickness up to d = 998.2 nm;
  • the multilayer and films demonstrate good adhesion to the glass, germanium, silica and metal substrates.

Advantage of technology This technique is resources and energy consuming.

The specific features of the sols-gel technology are:

  • High chemical homogeneity and purity of components in a film;
  • Process pliability and controllability;
  • Possibility to produce germanium dioxide matrixes at lower temperatures

Industrial application fields
Double-layer antireflection and films allows increase the efficiency of a solar battery and expanded in wavelength diapason the working area of a solar devices. Can used as antireflective for thermal imager, night vision equipment etc.

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