Heat and sound-proof material "TIM" on the basis of silica dioxide

ТИМTIMThe technology of production inorganic ecologically safe incombustible heat-noise insulation material on the base of silicon dioxide includes a mixture of powdery silicon dioxide and silicate glass, its molding, heaving in the process of thermal treatment under 400 ºС and porous product cooling. “TIM” is porous material on the base of silicon dioxide (aerosil, waste of silicon dioxide, rice peel) and can be produced in sheets up to 20 mm. Using different forms for the churning process, it is possible to give any shape to the material (plate, cylinder, disc, etc.)


  • heat conductivity - 0,1-0,2 Wt/м*K,
  • density according to the mixture can be - 100-440 ,
  • thermal resistance - 750-900ºС,
  • pressure durability – 0,4-2 МPа,
  • material humidity – 1,5 -1,73%,
  • cold resistance – (-200) ºС.
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: The rise of thermal protection characteristics of protecting constructions 2-4 times as much; ecologically safe; biologically stable; can not be exposed by gnawing animals; does not age in the process of exploitation, can not be destructed; non-combustible; widely spread materials are used for its production, secondary and waste materials of chemical and other productions.


  • light multi-layer protecting constructions,
  • window, door, wall warming,
  • thermal protection and sound damping of floors, loft floors, concrete ceilings, basements,
  • decorative ceiling trimming (false ceiling),
  • thermal protection and sound damping, fire protection of inside laster constructions,
  • fume-, water-, tubing warming,
  • thermal protection of cold stores, different kinds of technological and residential stoves and other thermal equipment of manufacturing and residential use.

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