Foamglass on basis of aerosil (waste of the gomel chemicals plant

ПеностеклоThe foamglass on the basis of aerosil (waste of the Gomel Chemicals Plant) and minerals is represented in the form of light and warm blocks. The material can be used as a heat-insulating material for building of five-storey buildings without additional usage of heat, noise and moisture protection. Also the blocks can be used in multistory frame housing as protect material of the walls and without any additional heat and moisture insulating materials. Using of the blocks shall reduce the weight of a building, foundation specifications and its cost.



  • Density – 500 ;
  • Heat conductivity – 0.11 W/(m°C);
  • Compression strength – 90 ;
  • Water absorption – 2-3%;
  • Frost resistance – over 100 cycles.

ADVANTAGES Provides increase of heat-insulating properties of the envelope buildings; environmentally friendly technology; biologically stable; resistance to gnawing animals; does not age in the process of exploitation; destruction resistance; fire-proof; widely spread materials, secondary products and waists are used for its production.

OFFERED Production of trial designs, codesign of the technical and technological documentation and technical aiding.

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