Transparent clarifying hydrophobic coat for glass and other types of surfaces

Защитное покрытиеSol-gel method of formation of transparent and colored protective, hydrophobic and clarifying coats on glass lenses, glass windows, metal and other types of surfaces is offered. The synthesis of such materials will be carried out by hydrolysis an alcoholate of conforming metal (for example, methyltriethoxisilane) and an alkyl-replaced alkoxide. Such modification sol-gel of a method allows to change in a wide range properties of a forming coat, combining properties anorganic (good adhesion, hardness, temperature durability, etc.) and organic (plasticity, a water-repellent property, low inductivity) joints. Then it covered at ambient temperature on a surface of metal devices and treatment at the temperature of 400 °C . Film-forming solution is deposited on the surface of substrate by the spin- , spray or dip-coating method.

Капли воды на поверхности крышек газовых горелок рисунок



  • Thickness of a coat: from 0,5 up to 3 microns;
  • The wetting angle.................................90°;
  • Stable in lead-acid eatchent heated up to T = 40°C during 20 mines;
  • Possesses humidity and corrosion stability;
  • Коэффициент диэлектрической проницаемости -4.

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